0 To 100 (JAY PARK REMIX) by AOMGOFFICIAL on #SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/aomgofficial/0-to-100-jay-park-remix


fuck all that jay you gotta chill shit
flow hot 97 bringing you the realness
its like my contracts in the public for all ya eyes to see cause yall know what i deal is
그래도 죽도록일해서 살리지 내집안
움직임은 욕나오게멋있지 *발
대중성있는노래 좀하래
엄머니가 말씀했지 고집부리지말래
하지만 이고집으로 앨범 10만장을팔리고 회사도차렸고 나는이자리까지왔네
그래도 엄머니의마음은 이해해
나만틀리게보이게 걔네는다비슷해서
미래에서 온거처럼 앞으로니네가 내는음악들이 별로기대가안돼
예의바른망난이 what can i do
의리있는 효도자 aom crew
성을승으로바꿀까봐 i do not lose
음악의 발정난거처럼 발전 속도가빨라 더쎄게 밟아서 더앞서나가
다들말이많아 난굳이낚시를안해도 다들잡히려고 알아서내배로들어와
내인생은잘흘러가 난"강"심장니니까
9년전에배운언어로 전설되가고있어
지금니기분 어떤지나는알고싶어

i don’t rap i just go and state the facts
my METHods BLEW yall aways u can call me BREAKING BAD
fuck you and you basic raps you can go and take it back
some yall be trying to hard you should try to stay relaxed
yeah i’m the mothafuckin truth
so sick every mean i eat chicken noodle soup
your girls waste i’ll put my arms around like a hoola hoop
shooby doop i’ll sing my way inside her pants right to her coochie cooch
yall about to face defeat so don’t that i am under you
jay park on your radar the hell with makin subtle moves
take you girl and yo mother too hollow man I’m untouchable
sea town west coast bred d wack rappers i’m double you (W)
uh who else you know does it like this
pop records dance records rap records like this
but i be getting slept on so nighty night kids
nice guys finish last so fuck the kindness